"That We Govern for Freedom"
RuL Model Ruler replaced the five finger light representation for display on 9/4/2016

"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Establishment of RULE Continuum to guide administration of Florida State among free men.

Florida Management, America

This fellow perspective is required to build a state no nation of this planet can conquer the Point RULE of. To accomplish this, a RULE Continuum is recognized as guiding the natural management for Florida State, and establishing a Continuum Government from this area; it looks just like Florida, and I am learning to manage according to it. The management of this state, with I and E considered among architects, will be indicated as the problems are resolved. Florida has more than twenty million citizens, and the Point RULE affects each of them identifying as self governments.


The state will be establishing the currency in 2020, and offering it for distribution among residents of the state; already in distribution among the poor and scrap dealers. You can read about it here, and learn to mine, mint, or produce the currency for distribution yourself. The first anARCH money changer will be established in Volusia in the coming decades. If you would like to participate with architecting the early currency structure, then contact the GoA or volunteer to work with any of the agencies being established to reason from.



America is a natural nation, and within our natural management structure, are a series of prosperity agreements including Environment, Life, Liberty, Natural LAW, and prosperity agreements like "Free Speech." This government of an arch (construction), is established/point rule as a self government perspective and reasoning as natural. I have a perspective of the soil under each our feet, the garden around us, the sky above us, and so to do others. Other person interested, are also declared self governments, and might argue with a RULE.

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