"That We Govern for Freedom"
RuL Model Ruler replaced the five finger light representation for display on 9/4/2016

"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Establishment of RULE Continuum to guide administration of Florida.

Welcome to the Government of Florida, of America.
  • You are a free man by consent.
  • You are permitted to be free, this includes the defense of the skies or waters, soils, life, prosperity agreements, your land, yourself and family, community and more.
  • The government of florida is a belief of natural goverance relative to other men who have various methods of law or adminstration within the same territory, and referencing a government as understood from a natural logic.
  • We do not offer citizenship, we do however, research natural governance and work to convey properly such work. The path to citizenship should be through established channels, including that of the native governments or the estabiished structure for the state of florida for such an achievement.
  • The Governances and the RULE are indicated among those men aspiring to understand multiple governments competing in a single territory, from that learned natural perspective for arguement.
  • This fellow is building a seat of the Elluminous in Florida.
  • Administration.governmentofanarch.com is also available!
  • The natural RULE is understood by this governor relative to management. GoA Leadership Training, Achievement +1.
  • Authorities for the Government of Florida as an individual and as a state are established systemically since 1999, by actions of the United States Government employees, State of Florida employees, residents, non-residents, intelligence, and military.
Government of Florida

Natural Land and Rule, environments and ecosystems. Natural government encourages action by life as part of such environments. The seasons require we wear the correct clothing. The terrain requires that we traverse it accordingly. The inhabitants of a land require we interact among customs or flocks. The weather requires we build shelters for ourselves and family.)
  • The State of Florida is popular government residing in florida at this time period.
  • The native American Government is also a popular government among florida residents.
  • The county governments are popular regional governments in the territory, alleged by map boundary.
  • Governments of communties, towns, and groups including corpoations and companies are a piece of th eobservation regarding EL.
  • These governments are with natural direction and reference of the Government of Florida.
  • Does not recognized map boundaries as a management or defensive practice.
  • This citizen established the Temple of Governace of the elluminous charter for our state, also represented on the american dollar bill.
Governing Authorities
  • State of Florida (exclusive by action of, consent to be governed required.)
  • Native Government of Florida (exclusive by birth, inclusion or consent not defined)
  • Free Man of Florida Territory (non exclusive, not consent dependent.)
Prosperity Agreements

All life is endowed a right to Environment, life, and liberty (freedom of action, belief, words, ...) that shall not be abridged; until such prosperity agreement is violated by man, and where there is a court to challenge that violation among the actions of man or alien immigration.

(Check b4 final, should be able to govern the self among others with a limited statement and argue in court most American law.)

Perspectives of Arguement in court

Of construction Group Law Government of Florida (Properity Agreements) The Temple of Governance Elluminous Group Organization
  • Point RULE is not displayed over the Elluminous, it has been moved from the government of anarchy, indicating a lighted corner stone.
State Authorizations
  • The Presidential Elections of 2016 were notified of selection by Induction. The sheriff threw the report in the garbage.
  • The Governor Elections of 2018 were notified of selection by Induction. The sheriff threw the report in the garbage.
  • The State was notified of chemical, biological, and radiological weapons use against the communties. The sheriff refused to investigate and choose to be on stand by.
  • Florida State employees advised "michael is god" in writing, and instructed me to inform the president of the united states of america regarding weapons deployment.
  • The state of florida advised I am not permitted to visit jewish temples.
  • Was told by state and USA military employees, to start a "state."
  • Community members can request audio, video, or other state documentation, including the weapons searches in and around any of 340 locations, to validate the reasoning for the assmebly of a militia.

Business Opportunities in Florida (GOAL)

About GOAL Requests

These business plans are presented to the state residents. These are profitable opportunities for to earn money resolving the issues of conflict in the state, or solving other problems. These business opportunities are presneted along with scientific presentations. That science is often seeking answers to problems, and the using that data for one reaons or another. These requests vary, and occasionally a business or other service is needed in the towns or cities, and this is also presented with some direction, it solves a specific problem. These business plans will be updated regularly when they are ready for presentation.

Sources for GOAL Projects today (Government of Arch Laboratories)
  • Quantum Bell Inc. [http://quantumbell.net/projects/quantum_bell_projects.html]
  • Administration (GoA) [administration.governmentofanarch.com]
  • Government of Florida (GoF) [http://florida.governmentofanarch.com/]
  • Projects Requests, Example is coin.governmentofanarch.com, an understanding of a natural currency exhchange with real transacted value.
GOAL Projects Requests
  • Florida Department of Defense; Group innovates and deconstructions federal or state and national or international targeting of the south.
  • Florida Department of Humans Services; Resolving the harm done by weapons, and removing those weapons from affecting the human or animal population and wildlife as deployed by any sect of combatants or non combatants of human life.
Business Plans available to the Local Area and State
  • Flight Intercepts
  • Airline Inspections Services
  • Weapons Sample Collections
  • Infrastructure Evalutions
  • Trade Work
Development for Local Government
  • A larger Intelligence Capability (operation SCUD proof) for concerns of (onAIR) Defense supports these actions indicated below. This is added to an intelligence capability at position and with others still being discovered. I can learn how to contribute and develop for this defense by clicking here.
  • Deterrants and Inspection Services for Flights offered as "Business Plans" for local entreprenuers.
  • SCOPE Network is being developed. (A piece of scope network is monitoring of flights in the sky, also with consumer cameras. The men are part of garden planet surface defense.)
  • Quantum Bell Inc. has Youtube Channel for proving Electronics Weapons use as part of infrastructure. It needs a lot of work, help contribute!
  • MarleyLBAS Operates A research effort for Defense Analysis. You can see the topics of laboratory investgation here for our Aerospace Innovation Effrots.
  • The ancient temple of governors strength, the foundation of government perspective and rule... is used to instruct a government model to make observation and solve a problem of deifnite scope in assignment (deployable government reference by interpretation of logic). This is important, because earth and the RULE (scientific rule theoryofrelativity.net, of the skies and heavens as it affects us and the land or waters and skies, indicates a right position over and among us. (Symbology.)
  • The Natural RULE is indicated to the science laboratories of earth using theoryofrelativity.net, and communication is enbaled to argue Marley's RULE.
  • The symbol of this arkitect was drawn above, and is indicated to the nations aspiring a foundation in government study.
  • Local Business Supporting a Real defense (Targeting or murder of free deviation is not a real defense.)
  • Local Government administration is already in place. The reference structure (accountability and direction) is being developed from the temple of governance taught as self government, my interpretation and perspectives is indicated. Like any problme of ToG, it takes more than one perspective to see a whole point, and i regularyl invite conversation on topic with public information.
  • Airborne Defense, SCUD Weapons and Operation SCUD Proof. GAIA.governmentofanarch.com
  • (onLAND) Spider Operations (spiderhunter found spiderOPS, example, Alleged Chinese Spider OPS recently use psychological operation to force kim jung UN to stop launching ICBMs over japanese atomic reactors threatening rolling black outs for the USA. It was Kims Idea.), is currently mapping infrastructure and deployment locations for "electro frequency or electromegntic and other weapons varieties" on the florida eastern shore relative to hijacked data networks, telecommuncations systems, and wire mapping electromegnetic programs or distribted hardware and tracking programs part of the conflcit, or not. Spider OPS is not limited to locating. My role does not include breech and disarm non business related entry.
  • (onLAND) Mole Hunter Operations are currently locating tunnel networks, bunkers, and persons inside government refusing the state defense or hiding doping of trucks and other assets during "routine business," and localized interconnected or not, facilites supporting tracking or other endeavour agsint the surface.
  • (onSEA.net) is a development topic forMarleyLABS, and the coast line of the eastern shore is routine watched by spotters indicating phenomena. onSEA was developed after cross messageindcates planes and boats.
Roles and Responsibilities of the Government of Florida
  • The land, the seasons, and the natural temperatures or conditions influence the behaviour of men and the way we live. The government of Florida is equated. Our governing persons work to operate as if the land or natural environment is a leadership.
  • The position I occupy for florida observes the actions among more than state or regional governments, but those among groups of people, and relative to the RULE, and protections of environment and life.
Continuum Government
  • On a uLINE, when observing the RULE, each line of MB container with data in motion is a continuum. The continuum government of florida, is built on that light of the sun, moon, and stars, reflected from the life in our state, lands, waters and life. It is our duty to protect our Ark of Life as elluminous.
  • An unkown number of continuums can exists in the same space, each set of information passing by one another as light. The Government of Florida, references service to that continuum of light, that will never cease, and learns to manage according to it.
  • Each flock member, insects, animals, or others; trees and plant life, each has their own continuum of information regarding their actions, or position and where possible. We recognize the planet and soil without the innovation of mankind, as creator of dinosaurs, flocks, and mankind... a service we take seriously as illuminous and elluminous, and architects ofthe florida government.
  • Where indicated is light and radio, a continuum government is also recognition that the dinosaurs once roamed this land unamed, and with or without government among men including technology or other sorted communications methods... the natural continuum is respected as here before the state and here after the state (alpha and omega) and the state is governed according to the needs of the people, vegetation, and the animals.

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